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Students for Life-long Success

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2765 S Main B, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Exciting times for us at TLE Christian Academy.  A New School Year is imminent, 12th to be exact.  Although our mission EQUIPPING Student for Life is the same, our results from last school year were fantastic,  and although a majority of the students are coming back, we do not want to stop here.  We are constantly working towards excellence.  Some of the changes are:  New Elementary group of students, max. of 7students this year with the purpose to instill a joy of learning and build character.  Middle school students have a more integrated curriculum and teaching, plus more one on one for those in need.  High school students now have their own "Sweat Shop" where those who can work independent / tutoring style can take additional credits. For middle and high school we are now introducing:  Study Skills curriculum and a Speech or "Teach back" time, which will be implemented for most classes.  On top of that, the facility has got a new face with new furniture, lighting, IT equipment  etc etc.  Please come and see.  We are excited and are really looking forward to this new school year 2014-2015.

God Bless