Training, Leading, Equipping
Students for Life-long Success

Accredited by SACS and GAC

2765 S Main B, Kennesaw, GA 30144

What if a group of students learned how to learn, how to forgive, how to love, how to pray, how to lead? Would they be equipped for life-long success? At TLE we think so, and we have been graduating students, who are equipped in these ways for a dozen years.

We are not a large school and do not desire to be. The holistic approarch we use is suitable for a small tight knit community. The public school system educated most of us in a very different way and the system looks impressive and has some economic advantages.  Still, the large school system can not teach in the way Jesus taught, with applicable stories, real relationship and a multi-year commitment to each student. Jesus’ disciples came from diverse backgrounds and each had issues, still in the end they were equipped. They went out. taught what He had taught them and changed the world.

In Greek, the word the disciples used to refer to Jesus was Raboni which means “Master Teacher.”  If we inspect the way that Jesus taught, we find that he followed a four-step, brain friendly approach.   (John 17: 6-11)

We seak to emulate this approach in each of our subject areas. Students engage, initiate, relate and create utilizing their giftings.  You would expect that following a pattern set by the creator would yield amazing results. It does. We often see students gain multiple grade levels in a single year. More importantly, the student obtains more peace and maturity. 

Our elementary program takes a Montesorian approach to “Training” students, instilling in them a firm foundation of skills coupled with a love for learning.

Middle school focuses on servant “Leadership”, helping students take an outward look to the needs of others at the time in their life when they are often hyper-focused on their own desires.

High school students are "Equipped" with study skills, presentation skills and relationship skills.  Their leadership skills are honed and solidified in these all important formative years before college.

God Bless